A downloadable Brackeys Zoo for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Hey Guys, 

The story begins with the Gorilla who wants Freedom. He thinks other animals feel the same. So he tries to free them while he can. But all the animal goes out cage wildly and angry. So they attack the Gorilla

Play as a Gorilla, who want Freedom and Try to Escape from a Chaotic Zoo, Protect yourself from being Caught by ZooKeepers and Killed by Other Animals :)

Your Main Aim is to get out of Zoo with an Additional Aim of Freeing other Animals as well by Opening the Cage they Kept in...

[Note: This Game is a Submission for Brackeys Game Jam 2021.2]


1) Use MOUSE 🖱 to Aim in Certain Direction

2) Use WASD Keys ⌨  to move  using Keyboard

3) Left Click to Attack with Hands [To Open Cages you can go close to that cage and Attack with your hands to open it].

4) Right Click to Shoot Bio Balls :)

5)  O key to Stand and Shoot using Right Mouse Button

[Normal UI based Controls]

P Key - to Pause

R Key - to Resume

B Key - to go Back to Main Menu

S Key - to Start

Q Key - to Quit

C Key - to see Credits Panel


I would like to Thanks all Team Members, without them This Project isn't Possible :p

- AbhiTechGames

- ApprenticeGC

- Naron

- Prantik Paul

- bobbob

- Mr. Mark

-  Dani Stob

-  Obrunomarques

- Lilla

- Trishul

-Souvik Dhang

- Jordan Meadows Games



BRACKEYS ZOO - Win(x64).zip 140 MB
BRACKEYS ZOO -Linux.zip 94 MB
BRACKEYS ZOO - MacOS.app.zip 87 MB


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I played it Good Job on the Game. 👍


Interesting game idea with all the angry zoo animals


very good game with op graphics